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Automatic Folder Gluer, 2000/2600A

Folding Gluing, Automatic Folding Gluer Machine, China Corrugated Box Gluing System

The automatic folder gluer is one of the widely-used gluing machines by our company, due to its high efficiency and high precision. The folding gluer machine is mainly used for gluing corrugated boxes, with a production speed of 110 meters per minute. It requires only 3-5 operators for the entire process line.

If the existing corrugated box gluing systems fail to satisfy your requirements, our experienced technological team can provide unique solution depending on your specific conditions.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Folder Gluer
Model GFQZD-2000A GFQZD-2600A
Voltage 380V/DC, 50HZ, 3PHASE 380V/DC, 50HZ, 3PHASE
Max. paperboard size (H×W) 900×2000 1200×2600
Min. paperboard size (H×W) 250×700 250×700
Weight(kg) 6000 7000
Motor power(kw) 13.8 13.8

There are mainly two types of box gluing machine on the market, automatic type and semi-automatic type. As for the semi-automatic gluing machine, it has a simple structure and is convenient to adjust and operate. The semi-automatic gluing equipment automatically sends paperboards and brushes glue on paper joints. However, the folding and pasting work is done by hand. Thus, the manufacture efficiency of a semi-automatic gluing machine is decided by the skill level of workers. In general, the efficiency of semi-automatic gluer is higher than manual work and a single row of the process line demands 3-6 workers.

When it comes to automatic folder gluer, it has a more complicated structure and finishes all folding and pasting work on its own. The automatic folding gluer has not only a higher production efficiency but also more stable quality than semi-automatic gluer system, suitable for the automatic gluing of paper boxes, corrugated cases in a vast quantity.

Attractive Characteristics of Automatic Folder Gluer
1. Its max. gluing speed is 110 meters/min, greatly increasing the manufacture efficiency.
2. Applying sensitive PLC, touchscreen and buttons, the automatic folding and gluing system is simply easy to control.
3. Designed with a high degree of automation, the automatic box folder gluer sends paper, brushes glue, folds paperboards, corrects position, counts and stacks in an ordered and speedy fashion.
4. A vacuum belt is used for sending paperboards, with a simple structure, fast speed and accurate sending.
5. The automatic folding gluer machine provides line pressing and secondary line pressing functions, guaranteeing accurate and tidy folding.
6. Its secondary correcting function eliminates uneven size and reduces rejection rate.
7. The speed adjustment function contributes to accurate paperboard folding.
8. The automatic counting, stacking and discharging are finished at a high speed and with high precision.
9. In order to avoid messy paper discharge and ensure enough airing time, the automatic folding and gluing equipment is designed with a temporary storage area and an airing control device, allowing for firm gluing.
10. The manual adjustment device is installed with a dial for instruction, convenient to operate.
11. The automatic packing and strapping speed can be set as you require.

Gluing and folding section (Up folding)
1. Delivery belt
2. Stainless steel pasting wheel, saving glue and prolonging lifespan.
3. Left and right pasting arms, with electric adjustment

Paperboard sending section
1. The vacuum belt sucks and sends paperboards.
2. Curved paperboards are sendable.
3. The combination of clutch and electromagnetic brake system realizes independent control over the paper sending process, easy to control.
4. Left and right plates automatically adjust the speed.
5. The imported paper sending belt is long lasting and wearproof.

Counting and discharging section
1. Touchscreen
2. Able to be connected with automatic packaging machine
3. The tightness of discharging belt can be adjusted.

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