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Guangfang Packaging has been a corrugated case gluing and stitching expert and innovator since its inception. We are establishing on our ever-growing experience and expertise to offer innovative packaging solutions to hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world. Our folder gluers and stitchers are widely applied for mass production of corrugated boxes, paper boxes and so forth. With the help of our gluer and stackers, your manufacture system will run at optimum efficiency. Give us a call today! MORE

Main Products
    1. Automatic Folder Gluer, 2000/2600A

      Automatic folder gluer is one of the widely-used gluing machines by our company, due to its high efficiency and high precision. The folding gluer machine is mainly used for gluing corrugated boxes ...

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    1. Automatic Folder Gluer, 2000/2600B

      2000/2600B automatic folder gluer is an upgraded version of 2000/2600A gluer, equipped with more comprehensive functions and properties. Installed with an advanced PLC, sensitive touchscreen and buttons ...

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    1. Semi-auto Gluing Machine

      Semi-auto gluing machine has a compact structure and easy operation, suitable for a variety of small-size and medium-size process enterprises. The semiautomatic box pasting machine requires only 1-2 workers...

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    1. Semi-automatic Folder Gluer

      Semi-automatic folding gluing equipment provides firm paste effect and tidy gluing. The patented double-head sanding device eliminates UV light membrane layer and plastic coating layer to increase the bonding capacity of glue.

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    1. Vibrating Waste Stripping Machine

      At the back end of the waste collect section is installed with powerful blowing and brushing device. This device speeds up the vibration, guarantees quick drop of waste paper and avoids waste paper left on the paperboard ...

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    1. Semi-Auto Twin Head Stitcher

      Stitching is the final step of corrugated box forming work. Implementing the latest technology, the semi-auto two-head stitcher features high efficiency, fast stitching speed, low labor intensity, easy operation ...

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    1. Twin Head Stitcher

      Utilizing YASKAWA double-servo system, the twin head stitcher provides easy operation, secure and stable performance, maintenance free and ultra-low malfunction rate.

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    1. Dual Servo Carton Stitcher

      The control system involves many functional parts, such as Omron PLC system, switched-mode power supply, photoelectric sensor, IDEC intermediate relay ...

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    1. Bundle Tying Machine

      The bundle tying machine is well suited for tying newspaper, magazines, corrugated cases, books, clothing and so forth. The bundle tying machine is characterized by easy operation...

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